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If you are new to Casino, then the keyword “918Kiss” will make you feel a bit strange. The 918Kiss app is the leading platform for playing Slot Machines in Asia, which is prominent in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei. Today, let’s find out this unique app with Appmobile4u!

About 918Kiss

918Kiss, also known as rebrand from SCR888, has a strong foothold in the Southeast Asia market in particular and Asia in general.

On January 5, 2018, the management changed the name from SCR888 to 918Kiss and this proved to be a good decision since it has since officially become an online casino app. I have it all on my phone.

With an integrated design on mobile phones, players can easily download the 918Kiss app and experience thousands of Slot games and various Live Casino games!

Best features

  • Quick and safe transactions

918Kiss uses safe and easy withdrawal and deposit transactions system that ensure all your transactions are private and safe from prying eyes and hands.

  • 24 hour support

Facing late game issue? Don’t worry the game’s support team is available 24 hours. Fire away your issues at the support team and they will help you to resolve it.

  • Safety bet 

The bets you put into the games are all secured and you will receive your reward should you win the game.

Tips to play 918Kiss

  • Adjust your betting before you get your free bonus.  
  • If the games you are playing does not win, try another games and don’t put all the credit into one games.
  • If you have not win and try to clear the game ’s app, but download it again, try format the phone to factory settings if possible.
  • If you still don’t win, try to fill in suggestion and tell him your needs.
  • Don’t be attracted by the high number of JACKPOT, because you may lose all the credit once you try.
  • Do not deposit the same amount fixedly, occasionally more or less.
  • Do not withdraw small amounts all the time, the system may check if your account balance is lower and the system is setting to fail to win more.

How to download the 918Kiss app

This is a mobile-friendly platform, so you can easily find it on iOS, Android or PC apps.


With these simple steps you can easily download for your desktop or laptop:

Step 1. Download Android emulators like Nox, Bluestack, Memuplay or Audio Studio

Step 2. Download APK Scr888 or apk 918Kiss from the Android emulator

Step 3. Continue with the 918Kiss casino website and register your ID. If you do not have an ID, contact customer support.

Step 4. Open the Android emulator and visit 918Kiss to download it.

Step 5. Select the file to download, then download it via your browser.

Step 6. Once the download is complete, install the application. Then run the application on the Android emulator, open and start playing the game.

On iOS and Android

Playing on iOS and Android is more recommended because players can experience the optimized version to the maximum. If your device is an Android or iOS operating system, it is best you go to click the link above this article to download the app.

Instruction for 918Kiss account registration

At the app, you can sign up for membership through two different options. Choose the method which is best for you:

Option 1. Contact customer service through Telegram, Wechat or Live Chat for them to issue an account.

Option 2. Register the form on the 918Kiss website to participate.

Frequently asked questions

  • 918Kiss scam?

As mentioned above, the app is an extremely popular application and casino in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia or Thailand, so there will certainly be no fraud cases happening here.

  • Is it possible to hack 918Kiss?

Because there are currently a number of scammers and hackers trying to hit the weak points of the bookmakers, the 918Kiss casino with its IT team has worked hard to improve information security methods with the system. Therefore, players can feel secure when participating in the experience here!

  • How about the maintenance?

With the large number of users, a comprehensive upgrade is needed to meet the needs of members. Maintenance will usually take place at night with extremely short time. If there are any updates, 918Kiss will be notified to all of you.


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