Antivirus & Virus Cleaner, Applock, Clean, Booster

Antivirus & Virus Cleaner, Applock, Clean, Booster

Antivirus & Virus Cleaner, Applock, Clean, Booster

TAPI Security Labs (Antivirus & Applock)
Android 4.1+


Product Description

What is Security Master & Antivirus?

Security Master & Antivirus is the world’s most reliable all-in-one device optimization and protection app, as well as free virus cleaner for Android. With Security Master & Antivirus, you will be protected from viruses and malicious software. The app will automatically virus scan pre-installed and user-installed applications to ensure your device always protected. Also, it will remove harmful content or give alerts to your Android device.

Besides, Security Master & Antivirus cleans up memory (RAM) and removes excess background tasks to optimize your phone’s speed. It also stop Auto-start applications to speed up and reduce memory usage, phone optimizer and booster. The mechanism of action is that it monitors processes, applications running underground on your phone ram booster for android. And when the device detects the excessive use of the RAM, it automatically closes unnecessary applications that are not needed to improve the performance of your device, ram cleaner speed booster.

The app features the best fingerprint applock software or application that helps protect your smartphone and other personal information. App locker with password of pattern can lock and protect applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Line and almost all other applications from intruders with applock fingerprint and password.


  • Scans applications, games, settings and files in real time from virus killer, virus remover & virus cleaner free.
  • Scan WiFi network to detect encryption problems, weak passwords, and other threats.
  • The compact installer is only 4Mb.
  • Junk cleaner and antivirus, clean junk file ram cache and virus.
  • Interrupt tasks and processes can slow down your device.
  • Speed up your phone to free up RAM, speed up phone performance and ram booster speed up your phone.
  • Display charging information on the lock screen.
  • Support to lock apps with fingerprint, lock apps with password, lock apps with pattern.
  • 24/7 phone protection helps protect your smartphone from potential threats with mobile security virus.
  • Quick and convenient scanning takes just seconds with mobile antivirus software.
  • Free (Advertising).

How to download Security Master & Antivirus APK

The app is only available for Android platform, so you can easily find it on Google Play Store. Or, you can click the link above this article to download and install Security Master & Antivirus to your device.


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