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Since smartphone popularity, photography is gradually becoming an essential, most important thing on smartphones. In addition to this, manufacturers are investing heavily in camera technology, photography apps also help users create beautiful and unique photos, and Camera360 is one of them.

About Camera 360

Camera360 Ultimate is an image-editing tool that you can currently find on Android, especially beyond having an enormous amount of features, it is free and very easy to use. The app will allow you to apply dozens of unique effects of every kind to your favorite photographs. It will even allow you to integrate the effects directly into the pictures as you take them. 

The app’s possibilities are truly tremendous. You can apply dozens of color filters to give your pictures a different look, give it layers and texture, tilt, some of the most unique frames, and even a sea of fun surprises. Once you have finished your photograph you can share it on Facebook with just the touch of your finger, or save it directly to your iPhone’s memory to send it later via email or whatever else you wish to do with it.

Special features

There are many shooting modes on Camera360, including:

  • Effects: This the function used to add effects on photos after shooting. These effects are provided by Camera 360 extremely diverse as: “Magic skin” to whiten skin for portrait photos, “Light Color” to increase brightness for photos or “HDR” to adjust the contrast Reflect and create sharp photo effects.
  • Self-shoot: This is our self-portrait mode. When using this mode, Camera 360 will appear in front camera mode (only with a camera with front camera) so that users can take photos of themselves.
  • Fast-shoot: This is the quick shooting mode. This mode is similar to the normal photography mode on smartphones but it only gives us the images without adding any other effects after taking the picture.
  • Tilt-shift: This is a photographic technique often used to make the subject of the subject look much smaller than it actually is or like a toy. This is a photography technique that many people love because it can capture the whole scene.
  • Funny: A mode to create funny effects after taking a photo, such as mirror effect (duplicating the object in the picture), fisheye effect. This mode is also available in some other applications such as Snow , Snapchat, Skype, etc.
  • Color-shift: this is the effect mode for coloring photos. Like other modes, after shooting, users choose colors to form the main array of colors for their images.
  • Audio: this is an extremely unique and interesting feature for users. The photos taken using the feature will capture the surrounding sound and when we review it, we will feel like we are there.

Highlights of Camera360

  • New homepage

The new homepage of Camera360 will give you a vivid and convenient visual experience.

  • Animations & Funny 3D Images

Camera360’s new Funny 3D will make your self-made photos and videos more creative and fun.

  • Challenges

There are all sorts of fun shooting challenges for you to take part in; Never worry about people not liking your photos! Try 3D Funny Photos now with short videos!

  • Makeup & Beauty

Try our real-time beauty camera now. Big eyes, white teeth, attractive lips, slim nose and slim face … beauty cameras always know what you need! Become an instant goddess with built-in beauty and beauty photo editor.

  • Delicate filter

Over 100 classic photo filters to help you become a true professional photographer! Live filters include Skin / Sky / Fantasy Colors, Mirror, Double Exposure, Movie, HDR, Storm, Night Cloud, B&W, Blur, Sketch, etc.

How to download Camera360 apk

You can easily find and download the app on Google Play Store or App Store. Another quick way for you is click the link above this article to download and install the app to your devices. And then, enjoy taking pictures or selfies with hundreds of cool filters in the app!





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