Castle Clash

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Build armies, gather resources, research goods and attack enemies to become the greatest and most powerful player around. Although the style of art is different, this game is similar to Jungle Heat and clash of Clans.

Start small and end with an empire

Once you’ve got through the tutorial, you find yourself the ruler of a basic base camp with little in terms of defence. It is your ordained duty to hire troops and upgrade your structures. You’ll find a series of levels to play through in any order you like. Every level involves a battle against another base camp, which makes it a great tool for new players to learn how to play this type of game, including becoming familiar with the things that do and do not work with regards to structures and buildings.

As opposed to copying other players with the various levels in multi-player mode, the single player level-based mode will quickly evolve from a resource collection exercise to a do-or-die scenario. This rapid change in difficulty adds to the game dynamics and makes it more of a challenge. In addition to this your structures and units must reach a higher level before you can proceed through to the next stages.

Build early and plan ahead

This is an all-round great addition to the genre and serves well to follow the formula set out by similar games. The difficulty in single-payer mode is a good idea, although it may present too much of a challenge for the less experienced player. The multi-player mode hits the standard with sleek visuals.


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