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Castle Clash is a battle game that allows you to hire troops and set up units to fight enemies, you can upgrade your buildings with Mana or gold coins. It takes less time, but very important for you to upgrade your army stronger, for example, if you want to unlock to increase more magic, you just need to select the upgrade feature Relic Hall and then choose to hire military barracks, hire soldiers, etc. 

When participating in the Castle Clash game, you must be intelligent and creative to build an army of youkais and mights. Meanwhile, you must have tactics to defend and attack your opponent as well. The game is now available in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Korean. With over 100 million players worldwide, it’s always time to clash! 

Best features

  • Strive for glory in Guild Royale. Summon your guildmates and fight to be the mightiest guild of all in the all-new “Narcia: War Era”!
  • Give your Heroes powerful new looks when they wear enhanced Hero Skins!
  • Utilize the non-linear base development system to upgrade your base as you like!
  • Enjoy seamless operation and jaw-dropping visual effects at your fingertips.
  • Hire Heroes with extraordinary abilities to fight for your cause.
  • Deploy loyal troops to battle! Those who survive will return to your base.
  • Go head-to-head against another player in the Arena and be crowned the ultimate competitor.
  • Unlock Equipment for your Heroes to wield in battle.
  • Customize your Heroes and Buildings with a huge variety of Skins.
  • Earn riches and glory in Torch Battle, Fortress Feud, and Guild Wars.
  • Team up with your friends to challenge multiplayer co-op dungeons.
  • Combine forces to avert a server-wide treat, the Archdemon.
  • Develop adorable Pets into powerful battle companions.
  • Match Heroes to powerful abilities to be the next “Squad Showdown” victor.

How to download Castle Clash APK

The game is now available for 3 operating systems, Android, iOS and Windows. Therefore, you can easily find it on Play Store, App Store and Windows Store. Or, you can click the link above this article to quickly download and install it.

Tips to play Castle Clash like a pro

  1. Try to get all 6 hero base, for this! You need to reach level 16 and upgrade 4 level 16 gold vault, gold mine, manna mill, manna vault and army camp.
  2. Increase your Mights, upgrade all possible aspects.
  3. Don’t waste your honor batches in hero hire, you never get any legendary heroes in honor bath roll. Save it for hero level upgrade.
  4. Upgrade Legendary heroes, Don’t waste your time and sources in normal heroes.
  5. Earn free gems from Tapjoy by downloading other games, then save it for big roll and builders.
  6. Get all 5 Builders as soon as Possible, buy them using Gems.
  7. Meanwhile Use the gems to 50 K and roll it once, You will get best legendary heroes.
  8. Do daily quotes, lost realm, arena, be an monster and all side quest.
  9. Create Multiple accounts until you got an Pumpkin Duke(Outdated)
  10. Try to get dove keeper, Walla Walla, guns ingler, skelitica and lavanica. These are my all time favorite legendary heroes.


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