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If you love finding secrets in video games, then look no further than 2013’s Grand Theft Auto V. Whether it’s movie references, video game Easter Eggs, or just neat production secrets, there’s no shortage of things to discover or learn about Rockstar’s incredibly ambitious open-world action game.

Grand Theft Auto V is the latest game in the GTA series and boasts both single player and online gameplay. The game is moddable, allowing you to fully realize the game in whichever manner you enjoy, including becoming Thanos himself. The title also supports controllers, giving you the power to play in comfort from your couch.

Special features

Single player – Multi players

Grand Theft Auto V is a remarkable game that presents players with a unique, award-winning, open world to explore. The game shines in online multiplayer or single-player, providing both types of players access to their preference. Joining friends online provides a fun experience for cooperative and competitive play while the single-player story is equally enjoyable.


If you’ve played any game in the series, you’ll notice that the story presents a few similarities and changes relating to previous titles. GTA V’s story focuses on three characters with an intersecting storyline filled with interesting situations for you to experience.

Amazing visuals

One of the best things in this game, if your computer can support it, is the graphics. Once you install GTA V and finish adjusting the settings, you’ll witness the map of Los Santos almost come to life.

The game provides resolutions of 4K and up as well as the option to run at over 60 frames per second. These upgraded visuals show off the capabilities of the game engine.

Online play

Like many other players, you may prefer to play GTA Online instead of the single player story mode that is available. This mode is ideal for playing with friends while bringing havoc to the city of Los Santos.

To join the online game you’ll need to create a custom avatar that’ll represent you. In the city, you can complete various missions to earn money that’s used for purchasing vehicle upgrades, buying apartments, and living your life your way.

Controller support

The game comes with controller support, allowing you to sit back and relax while sacrificing accuracy. Alternatively, you can use the default tools of a computer gamer, the keyboard and mouse combination.

Overall gameplay

While you play GTA V, you’ll experience fast-paced car chases, deadly encounters with other players, and a sense of freedom you’ve never had before. Vehicle controls are smooth and responsive and work in conjunction with the graphics to immerse you within the game. There’s also an in-game radio you can tune into while playing that’ll further immerse you in the GTA world.

How to download GTA V APK

At the moment, the game is not officially released yet. However, you can soon see it. Meanwhile, you can take a look at GTA V: The manual on Play Store or App Store by clicking the link above this article. 

Final words

As a well-recognized game, GTA V sets the standard for performing insane stunts and weird online encounters during gameplay. Whether you’re playing with a keyboard and mouse or controller, joining friends online is easy.

With events available for online players and new content added from time to time, you’ll be playing this game without worrying about running out of activities anytime soon. The biggest downside is the system resources and storage space needed.



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