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Do you know what Instagram is?

What is Instagram? Is it the same as other websites? The answer is that it is like Facebook and Twitter with the aim to connect people like friends, colleagues, relatives or others with similar interests. Instagram is a free photo editing software that allows users to take photos on their phones, add image filters, and then share on social networks. Photos are taken in a square format with a 4: 3 aspect ratio that is commonly used on mobile devices.

Instagram is a social network that specializes in sharing pictures or videos. It is designed based on creating beautiful and attractive images. It offers a lot of photo and video editing modes based on your preferences. When sharing your videos and photos, your Instagram friends will see, comment, like your posts, and vice versa you can follow their posts. Instagram, originally designed for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, then has new versions for other models like Android, Windows Phone, etc.

The outstanding features of the Instagram APK

1. This is a completely free application. Anyone aged 13 years and older can install, create an account, use, and delete Instagram.

2. The special feature of Instagram is the support application and provides a lot of modes for taking photos and videos. You can edit photos according to your preferences with 19 photo editing effects. Sure, you will get more perfect photos before sharing on social networks.

3. With Instagram, the app will distribute your posts to all your friends, your followers will be seen. You will also be updated with new posts from friends or friends who follow, like, or comment on that article. But Instagram also respects your privacy. You can control your posts easily, set up who can view or comment on your posts, and avoid buying and selling goods.

4. You can follow celebrities or people you love. Many stars and celebrities have an Instagram account used to share photos and videos of their art products and their private lives for their fans.

5. It is constantly updated and upgraded, loved by everyone.

How to download the Instagram app

Downloading it is simply because it is available on the AppStore or Google Play, you just need to go to the AppStore or Google Play, search by app name, click on install, and start the registration.

Instructions for using the Instagram APK in the most effective way

1. How to register and create an account on the Instagram app

If you still don’t have an Instagram account, you can create a new one. You can use your Facebook account or your email address. Then you have your Instagram account and use it right away. If you have a previous account, you can access it directly to continue using that account.

2. How to capture and edit photos on the Instagram app

With Instagram, processing and editing your photos will become very simple, you just need to click on the Camera icon in the middle, and then adjust the layout and flash. More convenient, if you want to record a video, click the Record Video button and share the short videos in about 15 seconds. Once you’ve created the photos and videos, you continue to choose the effects to edit them. Here, you can apply 20 artwork filters such as brightness adjustment, contrast, saturation, decoration, shadowing, etc. With such adjustments and effects, you can easily create beautiful photos or impressive videos to instantly share with your friends.

3. How to share photos and videos on the Instagram app

You have finished editing photos or videos and want to instantly share them to everyone, just click the icon on the right of the main screen, to switch to live sharing mode. Here, you can control your posts by selecting who can view your article, different from the public mode for everyone. Click the + button to download videos, photos, and write your comments. Then, choose a viewer for your post, Instagram will help you list some familiar names you want to share them with. So, you’ve finished downloading and sharing photos and videos with everyone.


Hopefully, the above information will help you better understand Instagram and know how to create a unique Instagram account for yourself. If you have any questions, please comment below the article for the fastest answer.



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