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You are passionate about discovering new things about the surrounding world or the open world in games. If you are such a person, you must have heard and played the famous game called Minecraft – a game that serves your entertainment and relaxation needs.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is an independent video game in a virtual world. It is a genre of a survival game and everything in this game takes place in a very exciting zombie world. You will play the Steve character and be taken into a square world with many alien creatures. In that context, you only need to chop down trees, dig rocks, do everything you can to survive and grow. Originally, it was created by the Swedish programmer, then developed and published by Mojang. It has versions on PC, Android, iOS, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 platforms, etc. With the creative ability in Minecraft, players create buildings by assembling blocks in a 3D world. Other activities in the game include searching and collecting resources, manufacturing, and fighting.

The game mode of Minecraft

  • Survival mode (Survival): Players must search for resources, maintain health bars, may be hungry, and must fight monsters that often appear at night to attack them. The highest goal of this game mode is to beat Ender Dragon.
  • Creative mode (Creative): Your item has an infinite number. You will also have no blood and counter balance ability but mainly depends on your creativity.
  • Super hard mode (Hardcore): When you die, you will not be revived and must be removed from the world.
  • Audience mode (Spectator): When in this mode, you will go through the block, able to see but cannot interact with everything.
  • Adventure mode (Adventure): This mode is quite similar to survival mode but limited to the fact that you cannot break and place blocks, you must have appropriate tools to break or place blocks.

The outstanding features

  • A unique way of playing, inspiring players: Coming to the Minecraft game world, you only need to play once and you will want to experience it again, because its gameplay is very interesting, making you want to explore and fight more. A game that looks simple but has extremely rich gameplay, has a huge number of players in the world, as of now there are more than 20 million people have bought it, and the number of people playing pirated versions must be several times that number.
  • A game with extremely light installation capacity, even the pirated version is only about 2MB, but it requires a lot of hardware while playing.
  • The graphic is designed in a beautiful, diverse and rich way. Graphic designers pay special attention to the fact that players can experience an exciting 3D open world along with exploring the vast world.

How to download Minecraft APK

Download the Minecraft game is completely free and simple. You just need to follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to Play Store or App Store.

Step 2. Find the name of the Minecraft game app.

Step 3. Click on the install button and download it. Then you open the game and experience.

In addition, you can also download games on PC or Macbook, etc.

+ To install Minecraft Java Edition/Computer Edition on PC, you need to install Android emulator software through multi-platform gameplay like Bluestacks, Droid4x, etc.

+ Similarly, to install Minecraft for Macbook, you need to install the iPad emulator on that Mac, iPadian. After completing the above steps, you can download the Minecraft game normally.

How to play the Minecraft game

The main play form of Minecraft is survival mode. Minecraft’s world is made up of blocks. There are many types of blocks, earth excavation for earth block, sand excavation for sand block, stone excavation for stone block, wood cutting for woodblock, etc. That is the material for you to create everything in the game through the recipes that the manufacturer has provided. The game does not have a mission, it does not have a specific purpose, it is simply that you do what you like, create everything according to your ideas, and survive.

You can create yourself a house, build a farm, work the garden, take care of dogs, or raise cows. Moreover, you can make yourself a palace, create a ship in the sea, build your own monster-catching machines, or become an adventurer to go everywhere and destroy monsters. In the Minecraft world, in the process of exploring the map, you can meet wonders, monuments such as mines, shrines in the forest or in the desert, etc. For areas like Hell or End of the World, you need a miracle and have to create a gate to get there.


Playing games is a way to entertain and train creative skills for players. And the mission of Minecraft brought to you is really interesting, relaxing, entertaining, engaging, and full of creativity, etc. Download the game and experience to discover more interesting things!



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