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Product Description

Nowadays, applications that specialize in providing entertainment services, watching the news, watching movies are growing and being used by more and more people. Among them, there has been an app, from the launch until now, has always received the attention and positive feedback from the media and users is Popcorn Time.

So, have you heard of this app name? Popcorn Time is a fun app that allows you to watch movies directly on your device. It is a BitTorrent client. It uses sequential download principles for streaming videos with supporting by torrent sites and a third-party tracking browser.

Learn about Torrent

Torrent is a peer-to-peer network, meaning many people connect directly to each other to share files. It is used to exchange data types such as movies, games, software, anime, etc. and some other large files. The heart of a torrent is a browser that tracks your download/upload process. The tracking browser will take your IP number, send it to other computers, so they can download your shared file. Conversely, you will also get IP information about other computers, so you can download their files.

During the downloading, you will connect to the tracking browser to get the IP of the computer that is providing the file and download it to your computer. To stay connected and ensure download speeds, you will automatically become the provider and transfer the data that you have received to others.

Currently, Popcorn Time is using Torrent to transmit movie sources, so the speed is very fast. Especially, if a movie gets more viewers at once, the download speed will be faster and more stable. Besides watching live movies, you can also download them to your device to watch later. Or you can conveniently view and download.

Special features

  •  Popcorn Time is completely free. You can freely watch movies and download them to your device. Popcorn Time is growing better to be able to provide the best service to users. It always quickly updates new movies, TV shows, and popular videos.
  •  Video download speed is very fast. Because Popcorn Time uses Torrent website technology, you will be assured of the speed of downloading videos.
  •  Good video quality. When you watch videos on Popcorn Time, all videos are HD or higher. You can also view the subtitles of many languages in the world.
  • Nice interface and easy to use. Popcorn Time has an interface designed as a thumbnail with movie titles similar to Netflix. Videos sorted and searched by the category. With this simple interface, you can easily find your favorite videos, movies, or TV shows.

How to download and install Popcorn Time APK

Popcorn Time app can be downloaded, installed, and used on many types of mobile devices such as Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), or Mac, etc. The downloading process is also effortless. You just need to click on the link below this article and install it. Since this app is not available on the App Store, so you need to enable “Allow installation from unknown sources” and proceed with the installation as usual, if you are an iOS user.

How to use Popcorn Time

1. Watching movies on the Popcorn Time

After installing Popcorn Time, open it, find your favorite movie by typing its name into the search field, select the movie, and click the “Watch It Now” button. If you still haven’t found a movie for yourself, you can go to the list of movies, with the accompanying genres, to find a suitable movie for you. If this is your first time watching this movie, you need to wait for one to two minutes for the app to download it for you. The speed at which movies will be downloaded will depend on your Internet package, the number of people watching the movie at that time (the higher the number, the higher the speed will be). Then, click “Continue” to watching the movie for free. If you want faster download speeds, you should buy a VPN package.

2. Download movies from the Popcorn Time app

With the Popcorn Time app, you can download your favorite movies to your device for later viewing. The process is as simple as the following:

Step 1. Select the movie that you want, and then click “Download.”

Step 2. Select “Continue.”

Step 3. Then click on “Open” to see the download process.

Remind you once more, with Popcorn Time, you can download multiple movies or perform the process of downloading movies and watching them at the same time.


In general, Popcorn Time is being used increasingly popular because of its outstanding features. No more hesitate! Quickly download and experience it now!


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