PUBG Mobile Lite

Tencent Games
Android 4.0.3+


Product Description

PUBG is a famous fighting game on PC and Mobile platforms. As expected, this game quickly reached the highest revenue. With the mobile platform alone, PUBG has extremely animated graphics and gameplay, but the required configuration is not as high as the PC version. Therefore, the need to experience this game will become bigger and bigger. However, PUBG Mobile does not support older versions of Android and cannot operate smoothly on low-profile devices.

Recently, Tencent Games has just launched a new product on the mobile platform, PUBG Mobile Lite, a version designed specifically for devices with low configuration and old versions of Android. PUBG Mobile Lite is no different from the official release, from graphics, sound, gameplay, etc. It is a cloned version for the official game but with a capacity of only 260 MB (compared to 1.64 GB original). 

The problem is that the size of the game will be significantly reduced (100 people will be reduced to 40) and the map will be scaled down from 8×8 to 4×4. Therefore, your device will not lag due to excessive graphics processing. If you are feeling excited about this version right now, please be patient. The reason is that PUBG Mobile Lite has only been tested in the Philippine market, and other regions are not yet supported. Fortunately, you can still download and install it via the link we provide in this article.


The outstanding features

  • High-quality graphics and HD audio

The powerful Unreal Engine 4 technology creates a stunning visual experience, vivid details, realistic gameplay effects, extensive HD maps, and perfect Battle Royale battles. You will be immersed and enchanted in the gaming world when you are playing with high-quality sound and rich 3D sound effects.

  • Realistic weapons

You can freely choose from a variety of weapons arsenal, continuously added, including guns, melee weapons, grenades, etc. Each arm has a different damage ability and range for players to choose to shoot, beat, or burn their enemies.

The ability to pair into matches is swift.

  • Team up with friends

Invite and cooperate with friends to coordinate the battle plan through conversations to establish a perfect ambush to bring down the enemy.

  • Fair-play game environment

PUBG Mobile Lite game has integrated advanced anti-fraud mechanisms to ensure a fun and fair game environment for all players.

Players are free to choose to fight alone or team up with teammates, and they can plan to compete with each other through voice chat.

What’s new?

  • Adjust the resources.
  • Add the stones, trees, boxes.
  • Adjust the time zone.
  • Adjust the flight path.
  • Adjust the events.

Other improvements

  • Adjust the design of some costumes.
  • Improve voice chat quality and reduce data usage.
  • Adjust the main menu effect.
  • Refine the resource list effect.
  • Add pictures of the dead comrades on mini maps.
  • Optimize flight routes.
  • Adjust the terrain effects.

How to download PUBG Mobile Lite APK

In this article, we provide you the quickest and safest link to download PUBG Mobile Lite APK. Then,you install and enjoy the game.


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