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Product Description

What is YouTube Vanced?

In a nutshell, YouTube Vanced is a modded version of the popular YouTube app that adds extra features to the YouTube app. Some of these include built-in adblocking, background playback, and dark themes. Notably, this is the very first modded YouTube app with an ad blocking feature. 

Key features

  • Adblocker
  • Background playback (plays while the app is closed)
  • Force VP9 (or HDR)
  • Maximum resolution override
  • Pinch to zoom
  • Set speed and resolution
  • Picture in Picture mode (available on Oreo devices only)
  • Auto-repeat function
  • Swipe controls for brightness and volume
  • Select old or new window style

For anyone who needs more features on YouTube, this app is a must and should be installed immediately. The app itself is small in size yet filled with a bunch of added functionality. But note, this is not the premium version of the official YouTube, but rather than an entirely separate independent app. And don’t worry about security issues, this app is totally safe and free from any malware. 

How to download Youtube Vanced APK

To download this awesome app, just hit that big green ‘Download’ button at the top of this article. Once you have downloaded the apk file, open it and install it, choosing the location for the app once it’s installed. 

Note: This apk file is for youtube vanced no root, so don’t worry about having to root your device to get access to this app. If you do wish to root it, however, Kingroot app can help you do so with ease.

How to use Youtube Vanced 

  • How to turn on Dark Theme

Step 1. Click on the Account icon in the top right corner of the screen from the main application interface. Here, we will select the Settings item as shown below. 

Step 2. Unlike YouTube, we will have one more item, Vanced Settings, to customize the main functions when using the app. Next to activate Dark Theme on this app, click on Layout Settings. 

Step 3. We will search and enable the Black Theme feature to use YouTube Vanced with black screen mode

  • How to automatically playback videos

Step 1. You continue to access the Settings section and select Vanced Settings. Next, we will select the Misc item. 

Step 2. At this time, we will see the Auto Repeat feature and please enable it. It will help you to automatically playback YouTube videos. You can also activate the Auto Repeat – Background Play feature to automatically playback YouTube videos running in the background on the app (minimized video). 

In addition, in Vanced Settings, there are some other interesting things like: 

– Codec Override: Forced to run video in VP9 decoder, YouTube’s compression standard, and making watching videos smoother and more stable.

– Video Settings: Customize default resolution, default speed, automatically turn on subtitles when watching videos.


YouTube Vanced is a must have for anyone who takes their YouTube time seriously. The only drawback of YouTube Vanced is that it doesn’t allow users to download videos from the app. This means you just can watch the videos on the app with the internet connection. However, with a lot of premium features, Youtube Vanced worths a try then. Go ahead and download the app today and enjoy it.


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