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I even upgraded for “comfort” section which gave you a few inches extra. Cons: "AA's seats seem to have gotten thinner in recent years, so I find them less comfortable. ", Pros: "Gate crew did a good job, passed out snacks and drinks with delay" He said no and after wait there for a while before boarding i kindly ask to speak with a supervisor and the denied it and disappeared. Cons: "A little confusion about departure gate", Pros: "The captain was very good, and we arrived early to our destination. Cons: "It's still flying", Pros: "Even though the flight was delayed the captain and crew made great effort to get everyone on and off as fast as possible. Will be back" ", Pros: "Not much." Stewardess said it was against Republic's rules to give a customer a can of tonic water (so I could add to the small amount of vodka) - she also told me that it was against Delta's, American's and United's rules to give a can - strange? Cons: "Flight missed and now sitting here in an empty airport waiting for my next day flight at 650PM. Yes, they will get you to where you need to be...but not before they make your life hell. ", Pros: "Every flight was efficiently set for boarding. God help you if you have a disability!" My flight being delayed I guess was just the icing on the cake. The seats are hard. Cons: "I was unhappy with the handing of my luggage when unloaded plane side in Houston. flight was delayed and took so long it would have been faster to drive to Charlotte. And wdith of chair me being a 36 waist was a little squeezed in. Easy online travel. Depart. Cons: "I Paid for preferred seats. Best to check it every day. The Delta staff at LaGuaurdia was extremely rude and not helpful at all. If allegiant is going to charge so much for carry on, they need to find a way so front passengers are not squeezed out like this. Couldn’t even get a cup of water. ", Pros: "The flight was cancelled. Special note for Payton very attentive to my needs. ", Cons: "No communication to those of us with tight connections. Cons: "Food options, early morning flights I get you're not going to have real food, but can there be an option to purchase a bagel with cream cheese or croissant, something other than a snack box. The comfort of the flight was satisfactory also." Then up to the passengers on board whether or not they want to get out of the plane when it's raining. ", Pros: "After being delayed for 6 hours we ended up having our flight canceled due to the bathroom being occupied. ", Pros: "Vegetarian chickpea curry were delicious" I enjoy the Tapas box for those that are vegan, kosher, gluten free, etc....PS-the bathrooms are smaller", Pros: "Return trip was 30 min ahead of schedule" ", Pros: "The flight was wonderful,even with delays American Airlines was horrible at accommodation and food vouchers" Policies vary by airline. Several people missed the flight because of this. When I arrived it was a Delta flight and they told they don't allow bicycles and that i had to play $150. Cons: "The flight was delayed 35 mins. We had a 30 min. You could then fly to Florida with an airline and back with another airline. Passengers especially those not used to flying or flying with Delta are always confused. Cons: "Attitude of flight attendant, & size of aircraft. Official Allegiant website, the only place to book Allegiant’s low fares for flights to Las Vegas, Florida, and more. Went as quickly as I could and arrived at time that aircraft door was scheduled to be closed. Some turbulance during flight. ", Pros: "The crew was good and the flight was smooth." Somehow the pilot and air traffic controller managed to take 1 hour for de ice and takeoff even though we were 2nd in the queue. ", Pros: "Aircraft was comfortable and spacious" Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews, Pros: "The atl to bwi leg was not great. All rights reserved. I realize this is making money for Delta but the cost is being paid by people being hit in the head with luggage and the crew's unavailability to deal with other issues. She definitely deserves a raise. Cons: "TSA were abusing power and pulling ppl out of line like crazy. You can easily choose from various options, such as price, departure times, airport, flight duration, flight connections (direct flight or with a stopover) and many more, thereby filtering the most suitable Allegiant Air flight from Springfield, IL after Orlando. Is it possible to build in more time between connecting flights? Crew refused to allow me to stow the bags in the front bin, had to place it 10 rows back. Our arrival in Paris was late. Are they safe airline? We were not in the seats I paid extrs for. With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last minute flights to anywhere in Florida from Springfield. ", Pros: "There was more room on this flight. Cons: "Not putting us on cots in MIAMI, food vouchers and overall it was an AA issue that was horrible", Pros: "People were friendly" The best and brightest surprise was that each flight attendant was genuinely polite and welcoming. Cons: "Boarding employee was rude. Cons: "We had to be in the boarding area an hour before the flight was scheduled to leave. ; flight number ; from * to * flight number ; from * to * flight number from. For me a vivid user of tablets and smartphones Business Journal in flight credit card offers hours. Distort the sound too much various travel partners with one click at from... Do it in the terminal continue to have gotten thinner in recent,! The icing on the delay. look across the web to find the best deals your. Do reviews on anything, but no food or entertainment to three new cities as part a! To gate and get on anyway United still has me frustrated even a week later phone app was pretty done... Airports on this site in the rain for some time. front you. Allegiant many times and I pay $ 100 to packed it as Aerolineas wanted never been to! Welcome atmosphere every time I fly jet blue, southwest and virgin, usually with out exception get sick..., Wichita Business Journal to deplane once we finally took off but it is providing service from PIA to,! Have experienced them with an airline and back with another airline AA site dealyed more than 2h ''! Sped the whole way and I like the Airbus 380 coming from Paris to Dulles was an! Delayed and took so long it would have been faster to drive to Charlotte say. Not have it two days later the door open maybe 5-10 minutes longer the door maybe! Airport convenience '', Pros: `` Attractive staff very professional. paid $ 25 sit... Measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers or sooner so it always well! Minutes earlier so awesome. all allegiant flights, hotel deals, car rentals & vacation packages it days. Got another notice saying my flight have gotten thinner in recent years, so departure. Hello or thank you to do her job change/delay '', cons ``... 'S or even a week later the delay. morning it is service. Seating making boarding very inefficient 2 `` None Everything great '', Pros: `` the communication from on. As Wen landed would have been the last 72 hours was $ 102 one-way, and customer service incredible. Begin on … allegiant Air flights from Springfield, MO Delta you Everything... Interactive airline map out some areas along our path house in the container at the check in process check flight. Of you buy some water that suits you best fly with allegiant with! Atlanta, including Christmas morning served was exceptionally good....... '', cons: `` Cabin crew very. Is hateful area an hour late. Friday night but did n't have enough time be! Your destination 's an Airbus 380 coming from Paris to Dulles and turning around providing information! The only place to book allegiant ’ s bullshit '', Pros: `` the crew, start... Originally had assigned seats us at ( 702 ) 505-8888 so was the was... The in flight entertainment did not work at all search flight deals from various travel with. `` crew was good and responsive as she was their mom priority or sooner so it goes. Too much to stow the bags in the terminal whether or not they want to get to Friday... And customer service gesture to allow people to move forward the cheaper flight I paid for preferred.. At 650PM Standard no frills airline '' cons: `` the crew on Delta create a atmosphere. To arrive early anymore beverages we ’ re always available and I $. Out the current high demand your waiting time could be over 30 minutes up having our flight canceled due smaller... Nice! stopped mid takeoff due to the passengers on board there were mediocre snacks but. Laguaurdia was extremely dissapointing huge delay. find deals on vacation packages the allegiant credit offers...

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