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Cigar cork grip. This site accesses and is available to all bamboo fly rod makers. Sweetgrass is bamboo. When I think of Bamboo rods I think of Denver, Colorado. If after browsing our website, you don’t see a rod that fits your needs, let’s talk. Bamboo Fly Rods & Confessions of a Cane Head. Welcome to South Creek Ltd. South Creek Ltd. is your premier shop for custom, hand-made bamboo fly fishing rods by renowned craftsman Michael D. Clark. To order, rods or blanks, simply call (503-730-9217) or email us to discuss details of your desired rod. Also … Tufts & Batson Bamboo Fly Rods--Makers of No Ordinary Fly Rod. Maker of the finest handcrafted bamboo fly rods. The result is a great mix of the material, tapered bamboo… If you are a maker and would like to be added to the site, or know of one who should be, please send an email with the url. ... Well, I've decided to post a list of notable rod makers names up all of whom I have had the joy of casting or owning their rods … Maker of Fine Bamboo Fly Rods Welcome; Rod Selections; Restoration; About the Maker; How to Order; How to Order. We’re sure you’ll enjoy your stay! We are paying higher prices for 8 foot and shorter bamboo fly fishing rods. Top 20 Bamboo Rod Makers List I have been fishing bamboo for most of my life. We … Just Click on the Book to go to "The Snake Rod… Custom Split Bamboo Fly Rods. Maybe not the rods collectors want but the rods … … The rods offered on The List are fly rods of high quality spanning all eras of manufacture - from early Leonard and Thomas bamboo rods, through the pinnacle of fiberglass and graphite, to … Includes square wooden tube and canvas bag for tube. A list of makers with active websites from around the world. Scalloped Hollow Building Hollow building makes bamboo rods recover faster and feel lighter and quicker in hand. Hopefully, this will ultimately become a place where one can search for a local maker - professional or amatuer. Vintage Bamboo Fly fishing rods and Reels: We are looking for high quality bamboo fly fishing rod collections, large or small. The F. D. Kretchman Rod Co. started in 1993 and today crafts the finest Split Bamboo Fly Rods. The "heyday" of bamboo fly rod production and use was an approximately 75-year period from the 1870s to the 1950s when fiberglass became the predominant material for fly rods. This rod displays a Garrison rod in virtually every facet of its design. Two prior owner's names are inscribed on the rod. Hand Made Custom Bamboo Fly Fishing Rods and Reels By Michael D Clark - South Creek Ltd. Experience Sweetgrass Rods. He also made rods … This site is an attempt to link as many of today's bamboo rodmaker's, from around the world, on one website. The scalloped method removes material from the inside while leaving solid internal dams for … If you are interested in cane rods, or rod crafting, you may sign up for the LISTSERVER by clicking the Join/.. button and … Wagner - Bamboo Rod Maker - Exemplary bamboo rods, blanks and accessories for the discerning fly fisher-folk. All culms are high graded first in China and then by a broker in the United States and finally by Robert himself to ensure that only the highest quality bamboo is used in each rod. View our inventory of classic and vintage bamboo fly rods which at times include: Paul H. Young, Jim Payne, Everett Garrison, Thomas & Thomas, Orvis I think that everyone … Robert fishing the Big Horn River in Montana. Thanks for viewing this very young, but hopefully growing, site - recommendations appreciated - If you know of any related upcoming events please let me know so I can add it to the Events page. Robert K. Bolt has been making rods for more than 25 years with several hundred rods built. I fly fish the northwest United States. Please enjoy browsing our bamboo rods for sale from classic makers such as Paul H. Young, Thomas and Thomas, Lyle Dickerson, EF Payne, HL Leonard Rod Co, Goodwin Granger, and many others. Monday, March 26, 2012. I am not going to tell you that my rods are … New Custom Rods, Repairs and Restorations. Find local bamboo rod makers. Frank Payne began building fiberglass and graphite rods in the early 1980’s and was introduced to bamboo by Dave Brandt (legendary fly tier and an illustrator of A Master’s Guide to Building A Bamboo … Some of the makers' rods … JD Wagner Bamboo Rodmaker/ Maker of Split Cane Fly Rods Celebrating Our 26th. 8’6″ and 9″ fly rods which suited large western waters and big fish. All rods are made of Robert’s own design.Gary Howells records - When Robert acquired Gary H. Howells' rod shop, he also received all of the original rod making notes, shop notes, shop books, records, 400 bamboo culms and some memorabilia. Quality Split Bamboo Fly Rods . J.D. Local makers understand the needs of the local angler. Robert is one of the very few rod makers on the west coast of the U.S. with a direct link to the discipline, heritage, and craftsmanship of the old masters, toiling daily with the equipment and tooling handed down through Winston to Gary H. Howells to Robert Bolt. He has used this material to build a foundation of knowledge and experience. Welcome to Each one is carefully hand-made, one-at-a-time, to meet the desires of the most discriminating fly fishers. 7'6", 2/2 Fly rod. Full time maker of custom bamboo fly rods, Bill Oyster now offers bamboo rod making classes as well as a full line of Hardy fly reels, hand engraved bamboo fly rods and accessories. “We look at Sweetgrass Rods as our opportunity to contribute to the fine tradition of bamboo fly rod building as well as to share our beliefs in what can be … I have the finest planes money can buy, a metal lathe and a roughing beveller. Kent was a rod maker in Vinton, VA. The … Robert K. Bolt has been making rods for more than 25 years with several hundred rods built. Read Bob's New Book!!! Super Z nickel silver ferrules size 15. This fly rod uses hand-planed quality Tonkin bamboo. He understands what a fly rod should accomplish and how to … A list of various suppliers to the rod makers craft. Perfect Harmony on the stream with Tufts & Batson makers of Bamboo Fly Rods. These rods may be art, but they are made for fishing, with a singular action refined through the generations to accomplish all a fly fisher needs to do in a day's fishing. I am a bamboo fly rod maker specializing in custom hand crafted bamboo fly rods. The Denver bamboo rod makers made rods for those conditions. Located in Manitowoc Wisconsin, our product and service offerings include a full line of my Signature Series trout, steelhead, salmon, switch and spey bamboo fly rods. Robert is one of the very few rod makers on the west coast of the U.S. with a direct … Tufts & Batson Bamboo Fly Rods are made in St. Louis USA. Taper and rod design - Robert has made rods now for over two decades. Bamboo - Robert uses Arundinaria amabilis which is sourced from a plantation in Southern China. Welcome to I’m a basement rod builder, but I have what is necessary to put together a quality bamboo fly rod or casting or spinning rod for that matter. Welcome to, the home of tips, tricks, contraptions and general knowledge all dedicated to the art of bamboo fly rod making. Hopefully, this will ultimately become a place where one can search for a local maker - professional or amatuer. Once enough makers … Down locking reel seat with rubs on butt cap. A fine custom rod maker, who visited Hoagy Carmichael's shop several times back in the day, meticulously produced replicas of the Garrison rods and others. In that time, he has learned how to design a unique rod that functions not only as a beautiful work of art but also as a superb fishing tool. Dennis is featured in the upcoming 2019 documentary, Chasing the Taper, a film documenting the lives and work of some of the greatest living bamboo fly rod makers. Welcome to Montana Custom Cane! Big rivers and windy lakes. This design work is done empirically, by building and field testing and then building another. 706.374.4239 fine bamboo Headwaters is a U.S.A. based company that specializes in bamboo rods, and they’re happy to give you a new way to enjoy fly fishing. The Snake Rod and other stories from the rodmaker's bench. Ron Barch has designed and crafted split bamboo fly rods for Americans, Canadians, Europeans, as well as groups such as Trout Unlimited. … This site is an attempt to link as many of today's bamboo rodmaker's, from around the world, on one website. If you have been searching for a custom bamboo fly rod, then you already know there are several cane rod makers in the US that sell stunningly, beautiful rods. If you have just wandered in, feel free to browse and download anything you find. We are a custom rod shop that would love to build you a rod … Each strip of the six strips in each rod … Time to time I will have new and used rods … Search your area for nearby makers. Started fishing cane rods in the mid 50's and never stopped. Nevertheless, bamboo fly rods made from skilled makers …

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